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Girls vs. Boys Forever!

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Girls vs. Boys Puerto Rico
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Welcome to Girls vs. Boys Forever! This is the first fan site dedicated to the dramatic teen reality series on The N. There will be episode information, pictures, cast information, and so much

Site Started: January 15, 2005
Site Ended: Not anytime soon!

GVB Florida: Marc, Mikey, Skyler, Marilyn, Sam, Vicky (Boys win)

GVB Hawaii: Justin, Kris, Teri, Jake, Jessica, Christina, Dina, Lauren (Girls win)

GVB Montana: Matt, Jose, Allen, Frank, Colleen, Ming, Monica, Shannon (Girls win)

GVB Puerto Rico: Demian, Cory, Ryder, Ace, Kelley, Krystal, Jia, Paris (Winner unknown at this time)


August 9, 2005- Girls vs. Boys Puerto Rico is officially airing now! Missed the one-hour premiere? Catch reruns all week on The-N! And don't forget to catch the new episode this Friday at 9 pm! There are now web exclusives featuring stuff that wasn't shown on tv on, so go check that out today!

October 9, 2005- Girls vs. Boys Reunion aired right after the premiere of Degrassi: The Next Generation, and so now Girls vs. Boys is officially over. It was a great show, and we'll miss it dearly! I will add the summary for the reunion special as soon as possible.

Site Updates:

August 9, 2005- I updated the Season 3 Cast page and will be adding more cast members to it soon, and I will start the Season 4 Cast page as well! I also added some episode information for the first 3 episode of Girls vs. Boys Puerto Rico! I also changed the layout of the site. This site will be undergoing some changes because it's a bit messed up.

October 9, 2005- I finished up all the episode synopsises and I added pictures of the cast members when they're in the house. I will add pictures from each episode tomorrow.