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Girls vs. Boys Forever!

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GVB Montana


Left to right: Matt, Colleen, Ming, Dave, Ursula, Monica, Jose, Allen
Episode 1: The members of the teams meet for the first time. Colleen has a nast attitude when everybody plays Jenga loudly while she's trying to sleep. Ming and Matt hang out alone and Colleen calls her a b*tch because Ming called them stupid.
Episode 2: The girls and the guys start to learn how to live with each other; Ming and Matt are getting pretty close.
Episode 3: The first competition was to collect bull crap, which the girls won. The second one was to catch two members of the opposing team acting as a bull with a rope. The girls were gonna lose anyway, so Ming decided to be a bad sport and not compete. Matt calls her a bad sport and she gets pissed, and they are mad at each other.
Episode 4: The teams are picking new team mates for the opposing team and the grand prize has been upped to 40,000 dollars. The girls choose a guy for the guys' team and the guys choose a girl for the girls' team.
Episode 5: The boys lied to the girls and chose Shannon. The new team mates, Frank and Shannon, compete in their first two competitions and the boys win them. While the boys like their new team mate, Ming and Colleen think Shannon is annoying.
Episode 6: The two teams compete in a "Gender Bender" competition in which they have to dress as the opposite sex and whoever fools the most people wins, and the girls won. Colleen has an ATV accident, prompting her to be taken out of all physical activities and has the boys rejoicing. Colleen and Ming are bonding while Shannon and Monica are bonding. Frank is feeling left out of the boys' circle.
Episode 7: Ming and Colleen talk about their housemates behind their backs, prompting a big confrontation between Allen and Ming. It seems like it is Ming and Colleen vs. the whole world!
Episode 8: Matt and Ming seem to be back on track, but the girls are not as innocent as we thought they were. In the first competition of the episode, they had to bake a pie and whichever pie won first would win the competition. Ming sabotages their pie so the girls could win. In the second competition of the episode, they have to find clues hidden in a town in which they have to find gold and put it in a wagon and the faster time would win. The boys did it in 13 minutes, thanks to Jose's mistakes and the girls did it in 9 minutes, making them win 2 competitions in a row.
Originally, they were supposed to go on a nice camping trip until Jose insulted Colleen teasingly, making her angry and causing the two to argue. Jose gets a bit out of control and yells terrorist threats to Colleen, which may send him home.
Episode 9: Everyone in the house is feeling the consequences of Jose's actions. The competition "Memory Drop" shows how well they all know each other, and the girls win this competition. Jose doesn't have to go home, but he is not allowed to sleep in the house anymore with the other teammates and his chores have doubled. The last competition of the episode is "Deliver" in which they have to deliver pizzas, but first going on water. The girls win a competition again, leaving Matt and Allen angry with Frank for taking to long to buckle the belt but it was too small for Frank.
Episode 10: We are now entering the final competitions of the game and just when we thought things would simmer down after the Jose incident, things get worse. Ming starts saying that she's the strongest and the best and Colleen and the girls start talking about her behind her back, and she gets pissed off. She refuses to help them in the loser's challenge. Ming says she cares more about making a point than winning now because she doesn't consider herself a part of the team anymore.
The boys feel bad about the girls' drama, but they decide to use it to their advantage. Matt harshly breaks up with Ming to make her feel really emotional and then the guys offer Colleen money to sabotage the final competition.
Episode 11: Ming uses the fact that Colleen was willing to ruin the final competition for money for herself to show that she's not the only one who thinks only about herself, and Colleen just tells Ming that it's because of her. After reading a very nice and convincing letter from Monica, Ming starts to reconsider whether or not she should participate in the final competition. Colleen refuses the money from the guys. The boys continue to try to break the girls apart.
The girls finally realize what the boys have been up tom and they're all extremely disappointed, especially Ming is upset with Matt for basically using her. The boys feel really bad about what they did, but they still want the money.
They competed in some horse races for the final competition and then came the moment to announce the winners of the Girls v. Boys Montana: THE GIRLS!
When it's time to go, Ming is crying hysterically because she will miss everyone, which is pretty ironic, considering she abandoned them just one day ago.
The boys must be feeling pretty stupid and they should have learned one lesson: When you do something bad, it will come back to you. The boys were bribing and hurting and lying to the girls and it was wrong and they did it just so they could win, but look, they LOST!